Trending hair colours of 2022:

Today, people are crazy about hair colour and always look for new and trending hair colour trends of the season. They try to experiment with their hair colour and new options are open for exploration from platinum blonde to rich chocolate. So, to opt for the best and latest array of options you need to go for the right colour at suits your personality at the reliable and Best Hair Colour Salon Richmond. Therefore, decide whether you want to enhance your existing colour or add new dimensions to it or maybe change your personality entirely. Here is a peekaboo for your hair colour as per the latest trends of 2022. You can opt for any one as per your features and comfort.

  • Platinum Blonde: It is a fun and artistic form of hair colour that is a big upgrade on its classic blonde shade. It works best for the people who are eager and want to make a statement in society by their bold choices with a sense of professionalism. It has a base and highlights from all the way top to bottom which creates a beautiful buttery blonde style.

  • Auburn: It is an interesting variation of brown tones which are perfectly achieved by having an undertone of copper or cherry with a rich chocolate brown base for extra light and rich texture. It will prove to be the most attractive and appealing hair colour which also has some warmer shades which require less adjustment or maintenance due to the present natural pigment, this makes them an affordable hair colour change.

  • Ice Cube Blonde: This is an innovative version of the traditional blonde of sun-kissed to a closed and colourful look. For people with Cool and strong personalities, this colour makes a statement by its woven colour pattern of cold blonde look becomes a popular must-have amongst the people. The Ice Cube blonde will be great especially in winter, as cool tones go with a cool climate and a cool look to get good on the hair part. It’s a brave choice that offers an amazing modern touch to your hair colour style.

  • Rich Chocolate: This natural rich chocolate brown colour is all about embracing your original version with something better and classy. From deep chocolate shades to honey hues, a variety of brown shades are temporary members of the hair colour market but rich chocolate variations with high quality and absolute natural look are evergreen. It adds light to your hair colour and enhances your natural tone.

  • Brighter Babylights: These Baby highlights are carved beautifully by a woven mixture of natural shades that resemble a simple and add a subtle colour to your hair and are perfect for giving your hair a natural golden shade. It is recommended in various mixtures but getting black with caramel gold highlights proves to be more subtle with still limited visibility, therefore, less harmful to the hair. This brighter baby light hair colour is great if you are looking for subtle changes or not so visible changes. It’s all about adding light and warmth to the hair.

So, what are you still waiting for? And the best part is, there are a variety of options available in the market as per your natural base colour, taste, and lifestyle. Go and have a refreshing start to this new beginning with the latest and hottest hair colour shades at the Best Hair Colour Salon Richmond.

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