House Or Apartment? Discover Now The Ideal Property For You!

Your wishes and your non-negotiable points (what you don’t give up having in your House or apartment) must be included. So, you don’t waste time visiting properties that aren’t your style or aren’t exactly what you’re looking for!

In this post with quadwalls, you will find tips for deciding where to live. Want to make your choice between House or apartment today? Check out!

Home: Why Choose?

1 – No Rules

There are rules of coexistence in every building to maintain the condominium’s peace and good functioning: schedules, parking spaces, deliveries. There are even rules on how to use the elevators. And – believe me! – they are necessary. But not everyone can follow this manual of good practices.

In a house, the only one responsible will be you. Noise until late, loud music, renovations, changes in decor, parties with friends, or even fulfilling your dream of learning to play the drums. All this is possible in a free environment with no rules. Park your car the way you see fit here!

2 – Ample And Outdoor Space

The House has! Most apartments are smaller than houses and generally do not have adaptable spaces.

And that’s okay; you might even prefer smaller, cozier spaces. An extra bedroom and outdoor area may not make much of a difference today, but they may be necessary to you in the future. Sunbathing outdoors or creating a vegetable garden can help with everyday stress.


1 – Security Is Key

With automatic concierges, 24-hour doormen, controlled access, extra fire protection, and modern camera systems on every floor, you significantly reduce the chances of experiencing violence inside your condominium. Can you imagine coming home with tranquility and not worrying about almost anything?

Also, proximity to your neighbors can help. They can hear if something strange happens or notice anything unusual. If that’s one of your priorities, the apartment is your place!

2 – Want To Buy To Invest

Generally, when we think about buying a house from quadwalls, we consider living in it for a long time. Apartments are easier to resell or rent, can represent a more affordable investment, and can be easily exchanged for another one that meets the expectations of your next move—children, career, radical life change. Anything is possible when this flexibility exists.

And now?

After all this vital information about choosing a house or an apartment, it’s time to make a decision! If you travel a lot or work long hours, if you spend most of your time at home and work from home, several factors in your life will influence your decision.

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