6 great reasons to get the best business advice when starting a company in Vanuatu

You have just returned from the holiday of a lifetime with your partner and your mind is racing looking at a future opportunity that has landed at your feet. Your stay was amazing on one of a group of many islands as you enjoyed scuba diving at the many coral reefs.

The hotel was incredible, as was the friendliness of the locals as you made friends while enjoying the mouthwatering local food and sipped cocktails as the sun went down. However, it was a chance meeting over dinner that has enhanced your thought process as you are now going to take up an offer by using the best Vanuatu business advice that is available for 6 great reasons.

  1. You can set up a business based in Vanuatu and receive tax exemption for 20 years, with offshore companies being exempt from corporate tax, income tax, capital transfer tax, inheritance tax, stock exchange gains tax and turnover tax.
  2. Vanuatu was simply stunning, and you are all in favour of assisting somewhere where a new concern will help to improve the local economy, and where new businesses are welcome in a stable and independent political economic environment.
  3. By choosing to heed quality business advice it will ensure that you receive the best auditing and accountancy services, in a location where there is no legal requirement to file financial accounts to the authorities.
  4. Doing things, the right way is important to you, so knowing that you will receive appropriate analytical support, proper planning advice, an understanding of your business needs, monthly reports and the facility to train staff in the processes of data input and payrolls are all desirable services to obtain.
  5. Using a company whose origins go back over half a century offers you a great piece of mind, and being one of the oldest firms in Vanuatu, they can offer the very best local knowledge. Regulations and customs can take some figuring out to lesser qualified professionals, but you know that you will be in the hands of a company that works alongside government ministries.
  6. Working alongside a business that prides itself on providing a highly efficient quality service are trademarks that you want your future company to carry and be associated with.

Setting up a company in Vanuatu is an enticing thought, especially when you know that you can receive the very best local business advice.

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