Working With A Corporate Photographer For Business Portraits – Things To Know

How people see and perceive your brand is important. This is typically decided by the quality of photos you use on various media sources. From the company website, in-house magazine, to marketing materials and more, the style, quality and type of images used will matter, and that’s exactly where a corporate photographer steps in. As evident from the term, a corporate photographer specializes in taking photos for businesses, corporate, and brands. Besides headshots, they also take business portraits, and in this post, we are discussing further as how you can make the most of business portraits photography.

Start by hiring a reliable service

The term ‘reliable’ is important because you want a company that understands the complications involved in taking business portraits and corporate photography in general. For that, reviewing the work they have done so far, their expertise in different types of projects, and asking for references, are important aspects. You also need to consider if they have taken business portraits in particular, because the process and approach to such projects is rather different than that of event photos and headshots.

Take the creative freedom

Unlike a headshot, business portraits are more creative in nature. In fact, you can choose to experiment with the images. In simple words, the purpose of a business portrait is to represent the person in the right light. Photographers often experiment with the background, lighting, theme of such photos, because it doesn’t have to be as professional or fixed like a regular headshot. Make sure that you allow your photography team to have that freedom, because then, your business portraits wouldn’t be mundane.

Review pricing with care

Typically, companies that deal in headshots and business portraits can either charge a price per person, or may ask for a fixed cost per day. The latter is not a good idea, because the work process may get compromised, with limited photos taken for the entire day. Look for services that charge each person to be photographed, and you can always negotiate based on the volume of work to be done. The cost typically covers for the cost of equipment, shoot tools, postproduction work, and venue, provided you have decided to get things done at the studio of the selected service.

Check online now to find more on business portraits and always check the overall work of a service before you get them onboard to complete a service.

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