What Is The Ideal Tent Size For Your Event?

If you have no experience organizing events but are thinking about having an outdoor wedding, anniversary, or any other large event and have decided to rent a tent which is done on americantent.com for example for that event, you most likely have no idea how to calculate the space. Necessary to comfortably allocate all your guests.

Many questions arise during the event planning, and one of them is whether the guests will be well accommodated should any climate change happen. To avoid this type of problem, the tent size necessary for efficient use of the space and ensuring the participants’ comfort must be calculated.

The first issue to consider is the number of people who will attend your party. The calculation is straightforward, and the ratio is one to one: 1 person/m², space that accommodates a chair—for example, the 10x10m tent measures 100 m² to accommodate 100 people seated.

However, if your event is a show or other attraction in which the attendees will be standing, the calculation is modified, and the proportion becomes two to one: 2 people/m², that is, two people for each square meter. Thus, a 100 m² tent can hold up to 200 people standing. Another essential calculation to consider is the number of restrooms you must have at an event. The basic bill indicates that one mobile toilet is needed for every 50 people for four hours.

Other issues can change the average amount, such as whether there are more women than men; for example, queues for women’s restrooms are usually much longer than for men. Due to this, greater availability of women’s bathrooms is necessary. Events where easy access to drinking also require more toilets, which is a physiological need. However, the most important thing to consider is the comfort of your guests comfortable for the success of your event.

The Importance Of Tents For Your Event

Practical, versatile, and, above all, viable, the tents which can be gotten on americantent.com for example have been gaining space in large and small events. Whatever time you do, an event cannot fail to happen. Nothing more frustrating than the intermittent rain or the sudden cold just on the day of that outdoor party, carefully planned. More and more tents are being used to avoid situations like these, especially host events.

Complete proof utility – Ideal for outdoor events or extending indoor spaces, the tents can be used in different environments and the most diverse circumstances. Manufactured in various formats, colors, and materials, this type of structure has allowed us to meet the needs of different business segments. “One of the advantages of tents is that they only need to be set up. They are flexible, of variable sizes, beautiful and adapt to the desired scenario” “The tents adapt to any product, in sophisticated, relaxed or sporting events.”

Practical and functional, there are no limitations for its use. Openings, corporate and private parties, musical, sporting, leisure, art and fashion events, animal auctions, congresses, fairs, promotions, and product launches. On the beach, in the countryside, or in the middle of concrete, these structures are becoming more constant in the composition of areas at events. Depending on the project, they can be vinyl, colored or transparent canvas.

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