Suitable Packaging Materials for Your Products

Cardboard boxes are prefabricated cardboard boxes, widely used for shipping materials and packaging products and are also quite often reused. Cardboard is a material that is made of wood pulp or cotton wood pulp and a bleaching agent such as sodium hypochlorite. Cardboard is a translucent material that has a smooth surface and when it is exposed to light, it becomes translucent. Experts in industry hardly use the word cardboard as it doesn’t denote a particular material.

The major environmental impact of using Cardboard Boxes is due to its tremendous consumption. This is because Cardboard Boxes are widely used for various purposes as packaging material, but it is also consumed for recycling. Recycling companies consume huge amounts of Cardboard, Corrugated Boxes and other packing materials. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the majority of the cardboard packaging produced worldwide is used to produce wrapping paper as well as pallets.

Moreover, Cardboard Boxes are also widely used in the paper and packaging industry. Cardboard Boxes play a vital role in paper and packaging industry as it serves as packaging material for various goods. Cardboard is extensively used as packaging material for paper packs as it is more durable and lighter in weight. However, Cardboard Boxes are heavily used as packaging material for packaging plastic and glass. Some other popular packaging media are packaging peanuts, corrugated boxes and corrugated fiberboard boxes.

Cardboard Boxes are also widely used as packaging material for various products. It has been found that custom boxes with this material are equally suitable as packaging material for various commodities such as sugar, flour, cereals, fruits, vegetables and fish. Moreover, it is possible to make corrugated boards of customized sizes and shapes.

As far as its manufacturing is concerned, it starts with two main ingredients – wood pulp from trees and non-woody vegetable pulp. The manufacturers take advantage of the trees’ natural cellulose which is recovered from the underbelly of the trees. The manufacturers process the pulp in a way that it becomes soft and easily moldable. The molding process of the corrugated cardboard makes it possible to create different shapes and sizes.

Cardboard Boxes are mainly used to package grocery products as they are light in weight, rigid, and waterproof. They are preferred over other packaging media such as plastic, because they are long lasting, lightweight, dust proof, and eco-friendly. Cardboard boxes are also preferred over other packaging media because they have low cost of manufacturing, and require minimum amount of processing. Cardboard Boxes are preferred by many over other packaging media, as they provide superior protection against damage, are convenient to use, and have high value for money. The superior quality and durability of corrugated board make them the preferred choice for most of the shipping services, and other industries.

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