Seven Aspects that Must be Focused on when Implementing CIAM Systems

Consumer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) is becoming the core of contemporary business as it enables businesses to make a single view of the customer. Such a view is essential in terms of understanding customer behavior, average purchase size, purchase history, and other variables. Capabilities such as social login, user registration, and user profile management offer a seamless user experience across several channels. If you are looking to implement CIAM systems in your workplace, here are the major aspects you want to know:

Scalability of the System

The CIAM system is quite scalable. Google and Facebook use systems that can support more than a billion users in terms of registration, system access control, and authentication.

CIA M Directories

The directory services that CIAM offer can capture plenty of data on customers such as names, e-mail addresses, locations, privacy, or product preferences. They are nearly like identity management, MDM, and CRM working together.

Ability to Link the Entire Consumer Data from Various Databases

The customer identity and access management system can aggregate identity from different databases, having various contexts and third-party affiliates. It performs this function in a way that allows the creation of consumer profiles of individuals that can be identified in real time. Such profiles can be used for making informed interactions with some people.

Ability to Exchange Data and Information

Apart from the system’s ability to store data, it can also exchange data and information with related services in almost real time. People who visit websites or use mobile applications require quick authentication and instant preference retrieval to make informed interactions and ensure customers their desired experience.

Ability to Support a Big Number of Interactions

Support for mobile platforms, online banking, and SaaS is a must. No matter the platforms and apps consumers want to engage, they must do the right thing from the get-go. CIAM systems support a big number of interactions from registered consumers.

Ability to Deal with Consumers on their Own Terms

The CIAM system must honor the wishes of consumers and keep their data secure. It is important to inform consumers about how to control the information they share, where and how it’s used and with who it is shared.

Ability to Adhere to Privacy Regulations

The implementation of CIAM systems must ensure adherence to privacy regulations in all jurisdictions of operations. International organizations that are implementing such systems must adhere to several privacy policies based on the location of their users.


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