Proven Ways of Increasing Website Traffic

Bringing in new and qualified traffic towards your website is a challenge. It is necessary to increase consumer base and sales rate. There are some proven ways that can help you to attract traffic towards your site.


Even if you create a website that is navigable and user-friendly, SEO process is a must. Search engine optimization process helps to increase visibility for relevant keywords people come searching in for. People hardly go beyond one or two result pages on Google.

Therefore, it is crucial to edit existing content and remove hurdles, so that Google bots index properly as well as increase backlink numbers. It is a time-consuming process but with patience you will soon see good results soon.

Blogging & guest blogging

Offer good content relevant to your niche that offers rich information to the seekers and interested visitors. When you post as guest blogger, link the content to your website from the ‘Author’s Bio’ paragraph to draw new audience from another blogger’s source.


Pay per Click is an online advertisement form, which allows attracting traffic from Google’s result page. The ads you see as sponsored on the result page. You pay fixed rates for each click your advertisement gets on Google. Once they get to your page, it is your responsibility to influence them to buy.


A tracking cookie is placed, so that visitors who left your website without conversion can be influenced to return back. You get a great opportunity to ensure that you are not throwing the effort and money already spent in attracting them towards your website.

Email marketing

It is a great marketing campaign because some potential customers need to be influenced multiple times before they decide to buy. Email campaign is strongest marketing technique to retain existing and prospective consumers. Offer people good reasons to sign for your subscription letter. Send then interesting content, encourage them to give your website a visit to show them new products or videos or blog posts.

Social media

Social media marketing helps to interact with prospects and encourage them to visit your website. Again offer compelling reasons, so that they follow and like you. Even share content that will have them visit your blog. Social media is similar to word-of-mouth source. You can see what people have to say about your business and customers about their experience. It is a great platform for real-time interaction, when crisis strikes.

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