Portrait Artists – Why You Should Attend an Exhibition

As a portrait photographer, I get asked quite often about portrait paintings and where the top places are to find your ideal artist. Some will even head online to find a quality artist.

While a lot of people will go to an online artist directory to search for a portrait painter, I’ve found that real high-paying jobs are often found through word of mouth from satisfied customers. Here are some tips on where to find a good paint by numbers custom artist and also where not to look.


If you have a large group that is looking for portrait painting, then the best place to start searching would be in a professional artists’ gallery. There are often many artists that display their work at a large local or national gallery.


In my experience, these are the kind of exhibitions where the price for a large portrait is going to be more than a couple of hundred pounds. So you will have to do your research and consider if it is worth the investment.


If you are looking for a painting at a smaller or more local exhibition, then I would suggest going to a local art fair. At these types of events, there is usually a flat or a booth at which the best and biggest portrait painters can display and sell their work. Often, there will be an entry fee and you will have to purchase a ticket that will entitle you to a viewing of the finished work.


A final option is to attend a local or national art exhibition which is normally held around Christmas or Spring. Again, there is usually an entry fee and you will need to purchase a ticket. The benefit of attending these types of exhibitions is that you are exposed to a wider range of painters.


However, if you decide to buy a painting at the exhibition, then I would suggest that you go with a well-known artist as this will lower your risk of having your painting wrongly selected.


Also, remember that most art exhibitions do not allow patrons to touch the art during the process, so you may have to arrange for a member of staff to accompany you, however, this is very rarely a problem as most galleries and exhibitions will ensure that the artist is comfortable throughout the process.


Some non-members can attend the exhibition on a complimentary basis, but as with the above option, you should be aware that there is usually an entrance fee. In my experience, the vast majority of exhibitions allow patrons to look around the grounds and take in the view, but not to touch any of the works.


One factor that needs to be taken into account is the weather. If the exhibition is taking place in the summer months when the temperature is high and hot, then the chances are that there will be many extra people at the exhibition who are not prepared to brave the heat.

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