Make The Complex Game Of Golf Easier

What is greenkeeping?

The job of a greenkeeper is to maintain and care for the golf course or any sports field for that matter. Greenkeeping ensures the safety beauty and maintenance of the field.

What are the duties of a greenkeeper –

  • A greenkeeper is an expert who knows all the steps and procedures of turf management.
  • A greenkeeper is responsible for the cleanliness of the ground.
  • He has to make sure that all the processes of mowing, fertilization, watering, removal of weed wild plants stones, and pebbles are being done regularly.
  • He also has to plant small trees and shrubs as required for the ground.
  • Apart from cleaning and maintenance, a greenkeeper should know about sports and sports amenities. They need to be qualified with a certificate or diploma degree in the field of horticulture and sports maintenance.
  • Sometimes these fields need to set up golf courses etc.

A little knowledge about golf –

The game of golf is a club and ball sport. The ball is hit by the players with the clubs to drop it into a series of holes. Successive strokes are done to accomplish this.

The game is based on the skills of

  • Balance – The game needs stability and body balance.
  • Grip – You need to hold the golf stick firmly and hit the ball accordingly
  • Concentration – While you are aiming for the hole your mind needs peace and concentration otherwise you won’t be able to aim for the hole.
  • Confidence – After you have been playing for a while you will develop confidence in the gameplay.
  • and timing – along with concentration, accurate timing is needed to play efficiently.

So it might seem a little difficult to learn golf but after acquiring these skills the game is a lot of fun and helps to build up concentration power and stability of the mind and body. People like to play golf to relax their minds it helps to stretch the body. You don’t have to be vigorous and rough in the game it needs effortless power where you have to swing the golf stick with flexibility and the right tactics.

The complex game of golf can be made easier with these little tactics and green keeping helps to make the game even better and pleasant with a better and elegant field appearance.

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