Hydraulic Cylinder Repair: What You Should Know

Hydro companies such as Сylinders inc offer their customers the hydraulic cylinder repair performed by professionals that is trained by the world’s most renowned manufacturers of hydraulic equipment. Hydraulic cylinder repair does not simply consist of replacing the repair kit. The correct hydraulic cylinder repair considers many indicators and avoids accidents, let’s see some of them below.

Shirt Cylindricity

A very common problem in hydraulic cylinder repair is that the liner is not perfectly cylindrical. This problem is solved by honing, but it is essential to consider the limits of this process at this stage. It is essential to analyze the cause of the problem because possibly the shirt has already exceeded the allowed limits of honing and has been weakened too much. In these cases, other techniques should be used.

Superficial Treatment

The surface treatment with chrome on the cylinder rod is essential in hydraulic cylinder repair, as it makes the surface perfectly sealable and resistant to small impacts; however, the thickness of the chrome layer must be controlled so that it does not become thin to compromise the resistance but also not thick as it becomes brittle. The chrome plating process must also be controlled to maintain the quality of the chromium bonding to the steel.

Dimensions Of Parts

The plunger, the seal housing channels, rod diameter, in short, all parts need to be measured to check the levels of wear because if the parts are out of tolerances, the difference between these parts to be sealed is spaced more than allowed, so the seals will have their useful life significantly compromised and can be damaged in a sudden way, which can cause accidents.

Final Test

When Hydro companies repair hydraulic cylinder, it undergoes water tightness tests (leaks) with pressures above what will work to guarantee a perfect operation and free from any leakage. They perform the repair of hydraulic cylinders of any size and application because as we are specialized in hydraulic systems, our focus allows for a high technical level combined with the experience of constantly trained professionals.

Hydraulic Cylinder Price Compatible With The Advantages Offered

Each model of this type of equipment is more suitable for an application. Therefore, it is essential to note that the purchase price of the hydraulic cylinder may vary, for example, according to the complexity and power requirement required by the application. Therefore, when dealing with the hydraulic cylinder, price should not be a factor considered a priority since an inadequate cylinder can generate efficiency problems, culminating in a drop in productivity.

In addition, with the improper purchase of a hydraulic cylinder, the maintenance price of the system can be higher since a cylinder with a lower capacity than the equipment’s requirements can present problems earlier and more frequently, requiring unexpected expenses with reforms and repairs. Thus, when dealing with hydraulic cylinders, the price of subsequent maintenance must be considered.

In this way, it can be noted that buying a hydraulic cylinder at a price is an aspect that should not be evaluated in isolation, as it is essential to analyze the cost of the equipment together with the conditions of use and other costs associated with its possible application so that this investment presents a good cost-benefit ratio in the medium and long term.

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