High demand of Portuguese residence visa

Portugal is a popular country around the world for its sunshine weather of 300 days per year. It is a European Union country and close to the United States. Of late, Portugal and Portugal residency visa have become favorites for many people across the world.

Golden Residence Permit program has become very popular among Non- European countries. This visa program was launched in the year 2012 for the citizens of non-European countries. Golden visa Portugal is very popular among non European citizens as it is fast and easy to get for wealthy investors. This residence permit program offers various benefits to wealthy people who intend to reside in Portugal and freely circulate in Europe’s Schengen areas.

It offers various benefits to the citizens of non European Union countries:

  • This residency visa program is popular as it can lead to Portugal citizenship after 5 years. The uniqueness of this visa program is that aspirants have to stay only 7 days a year for these 5 years.
  • It allows to live, work and study in Portugal.
  • Aspirants along with their spouses and minor children can apply for this residency visa program. Children up to the age of 18 years are allowed under this scheme. Children over 18 years are also allowed under this visa program if applicant is able to prove that the children over 18 years are financially dependent on the applicant.
  • This Portugal residency visa is popular as it allows visa free travel to Europe’s Schengen areas.
  • Golden visa Portugal holders become eligible for citizenship of Portugal while retaining the citizenship of their countries of origin.
  • This visa program also gives access to Portugal’s attractive taxations system.
  • Aspirants also get access to Portugal’s real estate investment. Portugal’s real estate market is considered to be a safe and high return investment as the real estate is a booming industry there.
  • Aspirants can apply for Portugal’s citizenship. Portugal allows dual citizenship as aspirants can retain citizenship of other countries after obtaining citizenship of Portugal. Portugal’s passport is widely considered as 5th strongest passport in the world.
  • Access to high quality healthcare systems of Portugal.
  • Access to high quality low cost education system for dependents etc of the applicants.

This visa program is widely known as Portugal citizenship by investment as the applicants generally prefer to apply for Portugal’s citizenship. Aspirants are interested in Portugal’s citizenship for them and their families as they can retain their passports and citizenships of their countries of origin.

Portugal’s citizenship gives all rights to its aspirants at par with its native citizens. They can avail all facilities and benefits that a regular citizen can avail. They even get the right to vote there. People prefer Portugal citizenship by investment as Portugal’s passport allow people to freely travel, live, study and work across European Union, European Economic Area, etc. This becomes a very attractive immigration and citizenship opportunity for citizens of Non-European countries. With this immigration program, applicants even do not have to immediately change their place of residence and business etc as they just have to stay in Portugal for 7 days per year for 5 years.

Portugal’s Golden visa will attract Non-European citizens across the world because of its easy eligibility criteria and great benefits. This visa program also adds significant investment and revenue to the economy of Portugal which makes it very favorable immigration program for everyone.

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