Here is What All Call Centers Need to Know about Artificial Intelligence

With AI tech in the rising, Google is targeting to streamline the call center productivity. Before you begin establishing your Business Process Outsourcing plans around its integration, here is what you should know. Google is about to develop an AI solution for call centers which is termed as Contact Center AI. Many businesses have integrated chatbots on their websites and are pondering over integrating Contact Center AI in their tech expansion adoption roadmap. Here’s more you should know about it.

  1. It is still underway, we have to be patient.

The prediction has it that by the year 2020, over 85 percent of the customer interactions will be entirely managed by the AI Systems. Considering its integration with the Google Duplex and this can make the prediction realized even sooner. Including AI in your plans will future proof your support services in the call center, but in the present, the technology isn’t polished enough for its deployment. It is merely in its earliest stages and will have to undergo many tests and revisions. Features will be added and deleted.

  1. It may not be suitable for every company

AI would surely benefit your business, but it may not be compatible with your business. Businesses come from various industries and backgrounds and they may approach Google with various plans

  • Business and demographic size.

This very AI may not be much of a solution for small businesses as they are still in progress for developing customer base and revenue. Integrating with a business processing outsourcing firm for their outsourced call services is a better option if establishing an in house customer team.

  • Line of business.

This very AI may also not be compatible with all lines of businesses. For instance, sales need authentic personalization and direct interaction between the customer and the client instantly. In such cases, a chatbot and an IVR combo would be helpful.

  • Apart from the full or the enterprise version of your AI, your business should also bear the implementation costs. This entails tech integrations, multiple tests and evaluations. You may or may not need any third party to manage the project and to ensure that it won’t impact your current productivity.
  1. It intends to cooperate with call center agents and not replace them.

Once a call has taken place, the AI will interact with the customers and answer the questions. It also gathers customer’s information simultaneously and learn the important details about the problem. By that the call will be transferred to the concerned department so that the unresolved problem is paid attention to with an appropriate answer. The core is meant to complement the call centers and not replace them.

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