Finding Stunning Patterns for Your Packaging Design

A carefully crafted package design can become your seller without any effort. The aesthetic style that you have built into your package will send messages about the brand’s values, beliefs and preferences. Irrespective of the box or wrapping that you choose to select for protecting your product, there can be few specific design elements which can help you to reinforce your brand messages.

Beside the color and typography, any special pattern is surely one of the useful tools available at your disposal. Any vibrant or seamless pattern can always be replicated across your multiple brand assets, which is not just limited to your custom retail boxes. Let me tell you a 3-step approach to design any stunning pattern to be included for your packaging design.

  1. Define visual style of your brand

In order to do that you may try to get inspiration from various resources as mentioned below:

  1. Try to find an inspiring keyword that can relate with your product or company’s values and certain image to generate inspiration.
  2. Go through different magazines and newspapers and see other advertisements for products that are similar to yours.
  3. Then select the target audience for whom your product will be meant for.

After doing all above, you may write briefly about your brand’s style. You can also decide about your packaging, stationery, and much beyond.

  1. Select patterns that matched with your style

Once you have clearly expressed your visual style of brand, then start searching and gathering various kinds of inspirations as well as various design assets, so that you can apply all those principles in the packaging design. Many of you can also design all these patterns just from scratch with your own imagination too. However, leveraging from any pre-designed assets which are much easier to tweak and also can help you to beat on the blank canvas and you can come out with certain pattern that may click your imagination and you can make a head start.

  1. Customize colors, text and textures to fit in your brand

Here are few ways to customize your packaging easily:

  1. Apply right colors that is related with your brand.
  2. Ensure your pattern that you have chosen is unique and also perfect for what you are trying to create and then add a greater number of layers of different textures to create the graphics much more exceptional.
  3. Add text for your brand as per your choice.
  4. Include your original logo either minified or its monogram version.

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